Burevi will enter Kerala after hitting Sri Lanka


Team Infinities:

Kerala is on high alert as Burevi will make landfall likely on Friday. It may expected to cross Thiruvananthapuram by Friday and affect seven districts over 72 hours starting today. It already has slammed in Sri Lanka and is heading towards southern part of India. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issued a “red” alert for Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha.

It is expected that heavy rainfall will befall on southern Kerala and southern Tamilnadu as per IMD.  Weather office expects that communication line, electric line may disrupt and huts may get damaged due to breaking tree branches as rain, thundershower may come along with storm like wind. It can hit paddy crops, banana, papaya trees and orchards.

Normal life in Puducherry has already been affected on Thursday after cyclone Burevi hit several parts of the union territory. A 7.6 cm rainfall of rainfall was recorded.

Fishermen have been asked not to go out for fishing at least till Friday. Total 14 teams of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) have been deployed in various parts of Tamil Nadu.  Kerala’s chief minister Pinari Vijayan said around 2,500 relief camps had been identified to relocate people from coastal and low lying areas. Schools in the northern and eastern provinces, home to millions of people, have been shut until at least Friday.

Prime Minister assured for all kind of support and prayed for the safety for all.



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