Angel Broking launches SmartAPI to provide integration service


Team Infinities:

Angel Broking Limited, NSE Symbol: ANGELBRKG, BSE Script Code: 543235, has opened itself to API (Application Programming Interface) integration via SmartAPI. The free-to-integrate feature enables any platform, including start-ups and stock advisories, to execute real-time trades via Angel Broking while also empowering algo traders to deploy their programs in 5 programming languages.

At present, the platform supports Python, Nodejs, Java, R, Go. SmartAPI has paved the way for the development of end-to-end trading services for over 2.83mn Angel Broking customers (as of Oct’20).

Angel Broking customers who would like to create algorithm in any of these languages will be able to execute order directly to their account through SmartAPI. For instance, customer-facing algo trading platforms can now integrate with Angel Broking platform and help their customers execute trades via the brokerage firm seamlessly.

With the introduction of a reliable platform like SmartAPI users, such as stock advisories and recommendation platforms, can now make their platform trading-ready with real-time trading functionalities. Using SmartAPI, traders can now implement a customized trading algorithm to drive automated trades at speed and scale without any cost. The SmartAPI platform will empower Angel Broking customers allowing them to compete with professional investors through automating trade investments, with minimal lines of coding.

CEO, Angel Broking Ltd, Vinay Agrawal said, “Angel Broking has always been at the forefront of tech-driven innovations. Today, we are proud to announce another milestone in this regard with SmartAPI. SmartAPI will not only empower its users to build robust platforms and drive algo trading seamlessly, but also unlock the next wave of ultramodern services aimed at our customers. We have ensured that the platform supports the broadest range of programming languages and are working towards adding more in the near future.”

CMO, Angel Broking Ltd, Prabhakar Tiwari said, “We are very excited to introduce this platform to our customers and have an immense faith that they will find the platform to be both comprehensive in scope while offering a clear path to profitability and superior user experience.”



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