Australian forces kill 39 Afghan civilians, reveals report


Team Infinities:

Australia reveled that its elite special forces unlawfully killed 39 Afghan civilian prisoners, as it released a long-awaited report into alleged war crimes committed in the South Asian nation.

The long-awaited report said that junior soldiers were told to kill prisoners by shooting during their practice season known as ‘Blooding’. It has been said that 25 special soldiers had taken part in the unlawful killings. This killings did not happen during battle between two groups.

In 2001 attacks, Australian uniformed personnel were sent to Afghanistan to fight alongside U.S. and allied forces against the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and other Islamic extremist groups but officially Australian combat left the country 2013, since then a series of often-brutal accounts have emerged about the conduct of elite special forces units.

Australian Defense Force chief general Angus Campbell apologized to the Afghan people and confessed it is a shameful act and some patrols took the law into their own hands. He also said that those who are involved in this incident would be investigated for war crimes.  He also moved to revoke  distinguish service medals awarded to special operations forces served in Afghanistan between 2007 and 2013. It recommended 19 individuals be referred to Australian Federal Police, compensation be paid to the families of victims, and the military makes a slew of reforms. Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced to appoint special investigator to prosecute the alleged war crimes.

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