Era of Biden- boon or bane for India


Team Infinities:

US election is now one of the most significant topic for the whole world as well as India, it has already been decided that Biden’s era shall prevail. And we all can hope for more stronger relationship between India and US. One more path breaking achievement is that this is first time that an Indian American, Kamala Harrison, has been elected as vice president of the USA which has potential to make relation between India and US stronger.

President-elect Joe Biden has also committed to strengthening the Indo-US relation by standing against terrorism. Foreign policies will be changed like visa policy, where earlier many Indian suffered due to suspended H-1B visas. He announced that he will reform the temporary visa system as well as eliminating country quotas on green cards.

In the geopolitical sphere, Biden has vowed to revive Iran nuclear deal which will be favorable  for India as our country will get more options and space to counter terrorism and ensure Afghanistan’s stability and prevent a Chinese barrier on our western side.

On the other hand, Biden raised voice over controlling the pandemic as early as possible through the world which will not only be beneficial for the US but for all. Biden has also promised to rejoin Paris Climate Accord which may help developing countries like India.



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