Capital India’s ‘RapiMoney’ is now REMITX


Team Infinities:

Capital India Finance Limited (CIFL), NSE Code: BSE Code:530879, announced the change of name of its newly launched forex platform RAPIMONEY. The new name of the Foreign exchange remittance platform is now “REMITX”.

It is an integrated ForEx service provider platform which is presently offering comprehensive forex solutions to various customer segments in Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai, Ludhiana, Patiala, Jalandhar, Agra, Nasik, Nagpur & Ahmedabad.

CIFL is the first listed NBFC in India to receive authorised dealer category II license from
Reserve bank to build & conduct Foreign Exchange business.
The services of RemitX consist of outward overseas remittances (for Foreign Studies, Medical Treatments etc.), multicurrency prepaid forex travel card, etc.

The company is geared up to provide overseas remittances services to its customers pan India through its website With an aim to increase education & travel consultant network tie-ups across India, REMITX plans to expand its branch network across Metros, major Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities in India.

The company has developed dedicated B2C platform: for its customers. The B2C platform is dedicated to various types of travellers including travel enthusiasts,
business & leisure travellers & students traveling across the world for studies.

Executive Chairman of CIFL Dr Harsh Kumar Bhanwala said, “Through RapiPay we are already present in domestic remittances market with a wide merchant base. RemitX gives us an opportunity to be present and further grow our business in Forex market. . Our growing presence in the financial services sector helped us to identify immediate need of a one-stop solutions platform offering forex related services to an individual. RemitX, with an experienced team of specialists, backed by a cutting edge technological platform, aims to provide superior experience to all our customers. We aim to extend superior experience in outward remittances related to Education and Travel.”


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