BLS International Service wins contract form Estonia


Team Infinities:

BLS International Service Limited(BLS), NSE Symbol: BLS, BSE Script Code: 540073, a leading Visa and tech-enabled Government to Citizen(G2C) service provider won contract to provide digital ID proof for the Republic of Estonia.

As per the contract, BLS will be responsible to issue digital ID to the immigrants of Estonia granted by the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) at 5 newly added location. The mandated locations are Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil and South African Republic.

The Government of Estonia has created a e-Resident’s digital identify based on the nationality of the immigrants. It is a digital document that can be only used to identify a person and provide digital signature. E-Resident allows an immigrant to participate in public and private law operations in Estonian, no matter wherever they are in world.

The Contract Contract has been signed for five years, where BLS would charge €18 (Approximately Rs. 1500)  per application and €38 (Approximately Rs. 3200) for providing value added services like assistance with application e-Residency digital IDs. There are almost 50 thousands e-Residents of Estonia living around the world, including approximately 22 hundred from India.

Joint MD of BLS, Mr. Shikhar Aggarwal said, “We are very pleased to have bagged a contract from Republic of Estonia. Despite being a relatively small country (population of ~1.3 million), Estonia is a pioneer in taking initiatives to virtually turn the nation into a digital country and providing a variety of citizen services using digital identities of its citizens. This win only goes to validate our ability to deliver cutting edge solutions that encourage efficiency and enhance productivity. This is a new field for us as a company and our entire objective of seeking this contract was to get our foot in the door and showcase our abilities in the national ID and resident card space.”

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