Bhatia Communications and Retail migrates to the main board of BSE


Team Infinities:

Bhatia Communications and Retail (India) Limited, BSE Script Code: 540956, has concluded its 12th annual general meeting on 18th September, 2020 (today) and announced that the company has migrated to the main board of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Previously on 21st  February, 2018 the company was listed on Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Exchange. In SME exchange system, the minimum trade quantity of a particular lot was restricted to minimum 2000 shares, hence small investors and traders were not able to purchase company’s stock. Besides, the existing shareholders were unable to sell smaller part of their investment due to this limit. With the migrations to BSE’s main board, there would be not limitation of quantity. Hence, the shareholders can now buy or sell even a single share of the company.  The investment of small shareholders to the company gives a message of inclusion of common man to Bhatia Communications and Retail and the company hopes to satisfy every investor even during the onset of Covid-19.

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