Wipro will deliver Engineering services for Intel OpenNESS


Team Infinities:

Wipro Limited, NSE Symbol: Wipro, BSE Script Code:507685, a leading information technology company will provide commercial engineering services for the Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) globally.
Developed by Intel Corporation OpenNESS is a Multi-Access Edge Computing(MEC) software toolkit which allows developers to create and deploy applications at the network edge or on-premises edge locations. This open source distributions allows developer engagement, application innovation with the ecosystem to create 5G and edge solutions.
Wipro and Intel has already on going collaboration on innovative 5G and edge solutions that utilze FlexRAN software reference architecture and OpenNESS, new engineering service for OpenNESS is yet another addition to it. Wipro will ensure successful deployment of commercial solution based on the OpenNESS by its long legacy of engineering.
“Intelligence closer to the source of data will help us re-imagine business applications for our clients. We are excited to deliver commercial support services globally for OpenNESS.”- says the Chief Technology  Officer of Wipro Private Limited, K.R. Sanjiv.

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