Our Mission

Wealth is the fourth most important aspect in every human life after food, clothes and shelter. No matter someone is rich or poor, educated or not, every human has the basic tendency and desire to improve and live a better life through financial improvements. We believe which easily can be achieved through investments in forms of stock, bonds, debenture, real estate, currency, commodities etc with some basic knowledge and education. 
However people are still made to believe by so called “sophisticated trader/investor/analysts” it’s not a cup of tea for everyone and it’s next to impossible to understand investment techniques. In fact people are made to believe they need sophisticated knowledge in economics, mathematics and politics to become a better investor. So, called Wall street, Dalal street experts like to keep everything look complicated so, no one can achieve as much success and wealth as they can. So, rest of the people look stupid in front of them and they look like some smart elite alien from another planet.
We believe in the exact opposite of that, we believe with right information and knowledge everyone can be a better investor and improve their financial life. If we tell someone “buy low, sell high”, that person  might not understand what we meant, but if simply the same and say “buy an apple for $1 and sell it for $2” even a 10 year old kid can comprehend very easily that he/she would left with $1 in his/her pocket. The way we see that everything can be achieved by simplicity. Therefore our articles, news, tutorials are written in such simplified manner a 10 year old kid can understand and learn form it. As we strongly believe if we can help grow everyone’s financial life, we can leave this world in a much better place than we found it. Where people’s life would be much better and prosperous. Hence, “We don’t intend to serve the classes, we intend to serve the masses”.

For every people his/her financial stability and prosperity is one of the top priorities of their lives and which have not been well guided so far. Every day people watch, read, listen different types of news so that they can understand what kind of situation, which might arise in near future. So, they can safeguard their financial lives and wealth. And its a fundamental and primary responsibility of a media outlet to warn its readers about forthcoming possibilities, where most of the websites and media outlets have failed, or else billions of people could have saved money before the recession of 2008, millions of people could have saved their money by not investing in bitcoin when it started trading in stock market. Instead they were misguided and lead in to invest on property bubble and bitcoin bubble. If you talk about Indian stock market people should have been warned before Satyam was declared insolvent. But they were not, we believe they were not warned because we live in a society where media outlets have become money hunger and biased. Where most of popular media outlets have been driven by reporting stories which matter to their interest over public interest. That is the reason we believe that they have dug of the idea of “native advertisement” where their readers are not aware of that they are reading a commercial or and advertisement. Therefore the media have become the channel of public endorsement. We strongly believe that there is an urgent need of free and unbiased media which puts public interest above all. And therefore there is a need a media house who can represent the ugly and unbiased truth of the society to its readers and public.

We started Infinities to solve this problem. Where helping people with the best possible information regarding their needs, is our prime priority even before making profit. That is the reason we set particular set of rules which guides our moral values for our company which we call the five pillars of our company values. They are:

1. Employee First: As J.W. Marriot rightly put it “ If you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your customers and your business will take care of itself”. So, we always believe that our most precious assets are our employees, without them it is impossible to make our visions, goals, ideas remotely possible. And their efforts make us so, unique, distinct and special and as an organisation it is our duty to cherish and nursih that workforce which makes Infinities so special and unique with its values. So, we can call ourselves “Employee First Customer Second” company.

2. Money Third: There is no doubt that without profit/revenue/money no organization can flourish and thrive. But today most of the companies have chosen money over their readers and that is why they have emerged with new advertising technique which is being called “native ad” which is an ad but in form of a news. Or many media outlets have overlooked serious matter for their sponsors or benefactors. For that reason we have decided to run 3rd party ad campaign and keeping this company always privately held so no outside influence or source of money can misguide our readers. And we can keep our core values, as we firmly believe that our values cannot be bought or compared against any amount of money and we also believe if we stay true to ourselves and our readers we do not need to think about money even.

3. Simplicity: We know that we do not live in the world of William Shakespeare, then why make our news and information complicated with complicated words and sentences where a normal user need to find dictionary in every 30 seconds to read? We believe we need to reach and serve as many people as we can reach despite their educational or academic qualification. That is the reason we set the primary rule that whatever we write that should be understandable by a 10 year old. Because we believe that we do not need to prove ourselves that we are sophisticated.

4. Righteous: If we do not like an idea that does not mean it is bad. Personally we do not like lot of things that make sense to others. We believe that we should let people decide for themselves as we encourage free thoughts,therefore we decided that we will not force our readers to believe what we believe in, rather we will let our readers to decide by themselves what best for them. Hence, rather than providing a focused view we will provide our customers a broader and balanced view wherever it is applicable. Because we believe that our readers are intelligent and smart enough to find and understand where there best interest lies.

5. Integrity: We are completely aware of how financial markets and life is impacted by rumours and destabilize the balance. As we believe that our readers should be valuable to us than the readership. Therefore we shall not ever report or publish any news or articles solely based on rumours which cannot be verified at all. We should be always truthful to our readers, people and employees despite how good or ugly the truth is.