Everest Group PEAK Matrix praise TCS on AWS


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Tata Consultancy Services Limited, NSE Symbol: TCS, BSE Script Code: 532540, has been positioned as a Leader in the Everest Group PEAK Matrix for System Integrator Capabilities on Amazon Web Services (AWS) .

According to the report, TCS has developed several next-generation-focused solutions on AWS spanning across Edge, IoT, blockchain and AI-/ ML-based solutions. It goes on to say that TCS takes a practical and contextual approach to AWS other public cloud-related services – takes efforts to first understand the client’s cloud maturity and delivers operational aid and transformation aid with equal vigor.

Its library of assets, blueprints and accelerators that help automate the different stages of the cloud journey has been cited as a key strength. Additionally, the reports states that clients have appreciated TCS’ ability to understand their existing environments, culture, challenges, and complexities and this helps TCS create better impact in their deals.

The TCS AWS BU is a full-stack, multidisciplinary group that offers enterprise customers end-to-end services and solutions around cloud migration, application and data modernization, managed services, and industry specific innovation leveraging the AWS cloud. TCS’ large pool of AWS-cloud ready professionals leverages its deep expertise and execution experience to create more value for shared customers.

Specialized teams help customers accelerate and automate the different stages of their cloud journey using TCS’ extensive library of frameworks, accelerators and toolsets such as DATOM for data strategy design, DAEzMo for data estate modernization, and the iCMC decision support engine for sequencing applications for modernization and migration. To speed up and streamline application modernization, including mainframe-based systems, TCS uses its proven MasterCraft suite of software engineering and transformation tools and the TCS Modernization Propeller with its extensive library of pre-defined industry-specific microservices and API templates.

TCS leverages its deep domain knowledge across industry verticals, contextual knowledge and design studios to redesign front-end interactions and associated processes to reimagine customer experiences and journeys, ideating and co-innovating at TCS’ Pace Ports to prototype and build innovative industry-centric solutions that use the native capabilities of the AWS stack around machine vision, conversational assistants, predictive analytics, machine learning and AI to enable superior customer engagement, accelerated launch of newer products and services, enhanced business agility and competitive differentiation.

Furthermore, TCS’ rich portfolio of leading-edge, industry-centric products and platforms like the TCS BaNCS suite in financial services, TCS Optumera and TCS Omnistore in Retail, TCS HOBS in telecom and TCS ADD in life sciences are now available on AWS, enabling customers in those respective industries to harness its transformative power.

TCS is accredited to several AWS partner programs including AWS Premier Consulting Partner, AWS Managed Service Provider, AWS Public Sector Partner, AWS Solution Provider and AWS Well Architected Partner.

Vice President, Everest Group, Ashwin Venkatesan said, "Cloud hyperscalers are now an integral part of enterprise digital transformation, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) owning a lion’s share of the public cloud market. System integrators are playing a vital role in helping enterprises navigate and derive progressive business value from the full stack of AWS offerings,” he further added, “TCS has developed next-generation solutions on AWS, spanning edge, IoT, blockchain, and AI/ML, and has created a library of assets, blueprints, and accelerators to automate different stages of the cloud journey. Its clients appreciate its ability to understand their environment, culture, challenges, and complexities, which has enabled TCS to generate more impact. Taken together, these capabilities have helped to position TCS as a Leader on Everest Group’s 2021 System Integrator Capabilities on Amazon Web Services PEAK Matrix Assessment."

TCS is accredited to several AWS partner programs including AWS Premier Consulting Partner, AWS Managed Service Provider, AWS Public Sector Partner, AWS Solution Provider and AWS Well Architected Partner

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