Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not, all our services are completely for free of cost, and they are always will be.

We make money by displaying ads on our website or selling ad space.

Absolutely not. We never rent, sell, distribute our user information to anyone. We always keep strict restriction over user information and we keep most of user data in encrypted format, so in-case of any data breach the loss would be very limited.

At the bottom of every article and tutorials, you will find sign in with option. You can choose any OAuth provider (ie: Google, Facebook, Twitter etc) from the list to login in our website.

We only request for three information to these providers, 1. Your first name, 2. Your last name 3. Your Email Address. If any information is not passed through these OAuth provider, in that case you would be prompted to enter them manually. Apart from these three information, we do not request to pass on any other information to these OAuth providers. Even any additional information is passed through, we do not store those information.

We understand that everyone gets junk emails everyday in their mailbox and how frustrating it could be. So, we have no email policy, until unless there is any security breach on our server or your account, you will receive no email from us.

Your account and information will stay active as long you do not request us delete your account.

Please contact us via contact form, so we can assist you to delete your account.

We use strict SSL protocol which you can see in the address bar, that our website address always starts with https://. SSL encrypts all your communication and usage between your browser and our server.

We always appreciate your acknowledgement of our effort. If you really like to help our only request would be please share our stories, content and articles between your family and friends. So, we can grow.

No, We do not take or get money for suggesting or solicitation of buying or selling any stock. And we never will, even if any company would like to pay. We will only suggest or put the names on our website of those stock which we think might go up or down depending upon our calculation. We do not participate on manipulation of stock price like any other websites or company.

Quality and unbiased news is our motto. Therefore we do not publish "Native Advertisements" or camouflage advertisements, hidden in sense of news. Every advertisements are marked as "Advertisement" or "Ad" at the top of of the advertisement in our website.

No we are not SEBI registered investment advisor. From the day of starting of our website we kept publishing investment ideas even before SEBI introduced regulation on investment advisor. After SEBI announced it’s regulation, who can advise on people about their investment, we kept the segment due to popular demand. Although we would like to make ourselves clear, that we do not sell or receive any money from any company for suggesting buying or selling stock. Investment ideas are provided based upon our best calculation for our users.

Currently we are support charts for following countries and exchanges:

Country Exchange Name Exchange Code
India Bombay Stock Exchange BSE
National Stock Exchange NSE
Australia Australian Securities Exchange ASX
Belgium Euronext Brussels EUNXTBR
Canada Toronto Stock Exchange TSX
Finland Helsinki Stock Exchange OMXH
France Euronext Paris EURONEXT
Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange FSE
Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKSE
Hungary Budapest Stock Exchange BSEHU
Indonesia Indonesia Stock Exchange IDX
Israel Tel Aviv Stock Exchange TASE
Malaysia Bursa Malaysia MYX
Netherlands Euronext Amsterdam EUNXTNL
New Zealand New Zealand Stock Exchange NZX
Norway Oslo Stock Exchange OSE
Pakistan Pakistan Stock Exchange KSE
Philippines Philippine Stock Exchange PSE
Portugal Euronext Lisbon EUNXTPR
Singapore Singapore Exchange SGX
South Africa Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE
South Korea Korea Exchange KRX
Spain Bolsa de Madrid BDM
Sweden Stockholm Stock Exchange STOCKHOLM
Switzerland SIX Swiss Exchange SIX
Thailand Stock Exchange of Thailand SET
United Kingdom London Stock Exchange LSE
New York Stock Exchange NYSE