About Us

Robin was trying to learn the intricate domain of finance during the 2008 recession to invest in the expansive and dynamic stock markets of India. Most websites he visited used technical jargon palatable to those well versed with the industry. The world of finance expressed through the content on these websites were almost incomprehensible for a rookie. Hence, Robin took upon the task to create his own platform dedicated to the newbies in the world of finance with a special focus on the stock market. He started “Your Stock Advice” via yourstockadvice.blogspot.com.

The journey was not smooth as it seems. Robin had to divert his attention many times from his task to enlighten the financially less informed in order to work for his survival. In 2012 he hosted his website ‘Stock Advice’ and continued his endeavour to cater financial news and blogs.

During the course, he found another clink in the armour. There was a lack of free charting tools for stock markets which provides all information an investor requires on one page. Due to lack of funding, he started writing a charting script by himself. After two years of hard work he finally completed developing the chart which was capable of providing all the financial information, an investor requires. However, launching the same was not possible as he ran out of funds to support the website and himself.

Currently, Stock Infinities does not have any official headquarter as all employees perform their work from the comfort of their home.

The website caters to its expansive audience the latest news from the financial world comprising stock markets, sovereign gold bonds, etc. along with other mainstream news.

It also has investment advice and tutorials in a simplified manner that can be understood by anyone despite their lack of experience in the stock market. And we would like to keep it that way. We are eager to provide as much information as possible in such a way that anyone who can read, find no difficulties to read and understand.

We also like to call ourselves an employee-first company as our leaders believe in a strong work culture brought about by happy employees. 

When they do their job responsibly, our visitors and users get the information they need or looking for. When our users are getting what they are looking for, we do not have to worry about the growth of our website, and it will sail through no matter what the conditions are.