About Us

During the recession of 2008, Robin was trying to learn how to invest in stock market. As he found out most of the websites were providing information for those people who were well versed in stock marker and there was no proper website which was providing information in simplified manner, so a new comer could learn and understood easily. Therefore Robin started his own blog under name “Your Stock Advice” via yourstockadvice.blogspot.com. The blog was primarily focused on providing stock news, information and stock purchase and selling advice.

The journey was not smooth as it seemed, during the course, several times Robin had to stop focusing on his blog in order to work for his survival. Therefore the publication of the blog interrupted a few times. During 2012 Robin switched from blog to website under the name of Stock Advice after registering domain name StockAdvice.co.cc, and continued for a while. After Co.cc shut down, Robin switched domain name to StockAdvice.Tk and continued again for a while.

During the course of Stock Advice Robin also found that there was a lack of free charting tool for stock markets which provides every information an investor requires in one page. Due to lack of funding he started writing a charting script by himself. After two years of hard work he finally completed developing the chart which was capable of providing all the information an investor requires under one page. However launching the same was not possible as he ran out of funds to support the website and himself.

Currently Stock Infinities does not have any official head quarter, as all employees perform their work from the comfort of their home.

Along with the start of Stock Infinities websites, we also started Chart Infinities, which is capable of rendering Candlestick,  OHLC EOD charts for 26+ stock exchanges. The chart is also equipped with the capabilities of comparing up to five stocks side by side and calculating support and resistance level for next trading session. And it is also mobile device friendly.

Stock Infinities is currently focused on providing news articles, investment advice and tutorials in such as simplified manner, that can be understood by anyone one despite of their experience in stock market. And we would like to keep it that way. We are eager to provide as much information as possible in a such way where anyone who can read, find no difficulties to read and understand. We also like to call ourselves as employee first company as our leaders believe, if our employees are happy and taken care of, they would do their job responsibly. When they do their job responsibly, our visitors and users will get every information they need or looking for. When our users are getting what they are looking for, we do not have to worry about the growth of our website, and it will sail through no mater what the conditions are.

Currently Stock Infinities is powered by a small team of four awesome and reliable employees. They are:

Robin Roy: Not to be confused with the founder Robin. Robin Roy is a person of his own and responsible for content writing and reporting.

Santu Kumar: Joined as a reporter, responsible for content writing and reporting news articles.

Riya Das: She is responsible for content writing and news reporting.

Daksh Malhotra: Daksh holds the position as Editor in Chief and analyst for Stock Infinities. He is responsible for reporting pattern selection, quality control and leading the entire team. He also dedicates his time for writing valuable tutorials.

Robin: Not an employee but Commander in Chief and founder of Infinities. Responsible for development, maintenance of the website. Robin also looks after our social media and public relation.

Priyanka Chakrborty: A fresher joined as a reporter and responsible for reporting news articles and content writing.

Gaurav Nandi: Joined as Senior Content writer, he has worked with The Statesman and Eastern Chronicle perior joining team Infinities. Gaurav is responsible for Editorial, Opinion and other editorial work including news reporting.