Basic Terms of Investment and Trading

In my last tutorial I discussed about basic terms of stock market, in this tutorial I will discuss about basic terms of investment and trading. I’m going to explain everything as much simpler way as possible, so anyone can understand. However if you have not gone through the previous tutorials yet, I would suggest you to go through with them, as those tutorials cover the basics, on which I’m going to discuss this tutorial.

The Basic Terms of Stock Market

Many people might say it's good to know about the history of Stocks, Stock Exchange. But personally I don't think you have to, but still if you want to, then you can go through Wikipedia, there are lots of stuffs you can find about history and modern stocks and stock exchanges. In this tutorial I will try to keep everything very simple and try to avoid any complicated definitions so anyone can understand, specially those who are not from commerce or finance background.

Few questions you need to ask yourself before your first step in stock market

People think about investing or trading in stock market because they think it's easy to and the returns are better than another business. I heard many people saying that stock market for those who are lazy, many people say that stock market is all about luck, others say it's impossible to make money in stock market. Personally I have complete different view about stock market. In this tutorial, today I'm going to discuss about it. But let me clarify my intention of this article is neither to encourage you nor discourage you about investing in stock market.