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By Daksh Malhotra, 19 May, 2021
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Stock Broker

Many companies, apps, platforms  now offer options to buy and sell anything you wish. The list also includes cryptocurrency, oil, and gas-commodities that are traded in different countries. Celebrities like Elon Musk have voiced their support on trade through Dogecoin to Bitcoin. Before you get excited and jump into the usual buying spree you need to be very careful who you choose as your broker. A broker is the middleman or the medium that facilitates security trade options for you.

By Bonomala Roy C…, 3 July, 2020
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Financial Compass

Everyone wants to increase their wealth. But it is essential that you have the basic information before investing in stock market. If you do, you will have higher chances to maximize your profit ratio. Before investing anywhere, you should have understanding about the basics of the company, where you would like to invest; including their business model and past results rather than depending on tips from so called “experts”. Many investors willing to buy stocks of a company, they hear from friends, colleagues and so called “stock gurus”.

By Sourav Roy, 22 January, 2020
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Stock Market

In this article we are going to discuss about the Bank Fixed Deposit and also the pros and cons related to it. Fixed Deposit is a financial investment scheme offered by banks and Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) that provides higher rate of interest than a normal saving accounts until a given maturity date. The rate of interest paid differs depending on the investment amount and tenure of the investment.

By Bonomala Roy C…, 13 December, 2019
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Investing money helps you to guard yourself from unforeseen expenses. As a result you want to invest your savings in order to get returns. There are numerous ways in which you can invest your money. You can choose from safe to medium-risk investments or even higher-risk options as well. If you are looking to grow your wealth securely, you can invest in lower-risk factors which will give you smaller return or you can go for riskier options which, usually,  offer higher returns.

By Sourav Roy, 13 December, 2019
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Pros and Cons of Bull and Bear

In this article we are going to discuss the pros and cons of investing in share market. We have seen, the stock market has provided handsome returns to its investors in long and very short period time as well, but stock markets also fall down, bringing investors huge amount of loss.

Advantages of Investing in Share Market

By Bonomala Roy C…, 26 November, 2019
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Pros & Cons of Mutual Funds

In this article we are going to discuss what is Mutual fund, what is open and close ended mutual fund, what is NAV, what is SIP and what is expense ratio along with the advantages and disadvantages of mutual fund and how to invest in mutual funds in India. Before we understand what is mutual fund, it’s very important to know the area in which mutual fund works, the basic understanding of stocks and bonds.

By Daksh Malhotra, 7 July, 2018
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Chart Infinities Candlestick Chart

In this tutorial I am going to explain how to read and understand candlestick charts without any complication. When I was interested about stock market, I tried to learn how to read candlestick charts. Most of the information I found was complicated and full of jargons, it took a while for me to understand them. That is the reason I have decided to write this tutorial in such manner so a beginner can understand easily without using much of jargons.